SaaS Security Checklist for Audits to download

There are many basic features that need to be implemented on your server infrastructure before you should allow users to leave their important data with you. Follow our SaaS Security Checklist and work on these elements:

Can you handle a DDOS attack?

Your server should be able to recognize if you are under attack and start safety measures. There are a lot of amazing tool to help you keep your server alive before the attack takes it down. For DDOS e.g. Varnish-Caching can be a really good solution - is they *just handle* the attack.

In cloud computing, SaaS (software as a service) refers to a service model in which both data and applications are hosted centrally. Typically, users access SaaS applications via a thin client such as a web browser. Because the SaaS provider is responsible for all software and hardware, local IT costs are reduced -- a big selling point. However, SaaS entails a unique array of security challenges. How can a customer be assured that the cloud-hosted solution is on top of security and privacy?